ELPI®+ Services

ELPI®+ Maintenance and Calibration Services ensure reliable and accurate operation of your measurement instrument. Proper instrument maintenance extends the lifetime of the instrument and helps minimize instrument failures and possible downtime.


Maintenance Cycle of Dekati® ELPI®+ Products

ELPI®+/HT-ELPI®+/HR-ELPI®+ Maintenance Service

ELPI®+ maintenance service is a one day service where the instrument is thoroughly overhauled. After the maintenance, the instrument operation is verified to ensure that the ELPI®+ is operating reliably and according to manufacturer's specifications. This service is provided by your local, authorized Dekati representative.


  • Replacement of wear parts
  • Complete instrument overhaul
  • Operation verification
  • Service certificate

Upgrade your ELPI®+ during Maintenance Service

ELPI®+ Maintenance Service is an excellent opportunity to upgrade your ELPI®+ unit with new features:

All the upgrades can be made during Maintenance Service by your local Dekati representative.


ELPI®+/HT-ELPI®+/HR-ELPI®+ Calibration Service

ELPI®+ factory certified calibration service is a complete maintenance service performed at Dekati factory. In addition to the maintenance service, this service includes re-calibration of the electronics, the impactor and the charger, and a reference test against a reference instrument. A complete report is also provided.


  • Arrival condition test measurement (optional)
  • ELPI®+ Maintenance Service
  • Factory calibration
  • Reference measurement test
  • Service report and a calibration certificate


Upgrade your ELPI+ during Calibration Service

ELPI®+ unit can easily be upgraded with new features during the calibration service:

All the upgrades can be made by Dekati service staff during the Calibration Service.