Real-time aerosol measurement


Real-time instruments always have an edge when temporal variation in particle concentration or size distribution is of interest. Dekati® real-time instrument time resolution is always at least 1 Hz, putting out sample data second by second. In addition, most Dekati® real-time instruments have a long maintenance and cleaning interval, enabling lengthy measurements even in high particle concentrations or remote locations where cleaning of the instrument is difficult or impossible.

High time resolution is especially important in applications where the aerosol concentration or size distribution undergoes rapid changes, either due to natural occurrence or change of some parameter of the particle source. Such applications include combustion parameter optimization, engine exhaust measurements, eddy flux covariance measurements, and flue gas cleaning system optimization, among others.

Dekati® sample conditioning and dilution systems complement the Dekati® real-time measurement instrument product line in a way that the measurement of particle concentration and size distribution is possible from almost any temperature and pressure conditions, either with or without the volatile compounds.

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Emission data collected with HR-ELPI+, used for real-time particle measurement
3D printer emission data measured with HR-ELPI®+


Real-time measurement solutions

Dekati product line consists of a variety of real-time measurement instruments for fine particle and aerosol measurements. The products differ in terms of their size classification capability, time resolution, particle size range, and portability, among others.

Take a quick glance at the below table to get an idea of the overall features of Dekati® real-time measurement instruments.

ELPI+ for real-time particle measurement

Real-time instrument comparison






Measured concentrationNumber, chargeNumberNumber, chargeNumberCharge
Calculated concentrationMass, LDSAMass, LDSANumberMass, number, LDSA
Particle size range6nm-10µm6nm-10µm6nm-10µm23nm-1.0µm**4nm-3µm,
lower cut adjustable 4-15nm
Size distributionYesYesYesNoNo
Number of particle size
14100 or 5001411
Sample flow rate, lpm1010101.810-100
Max sample T, °C50*50*180*20050*
AdditionalSize classified particles collected for possible chemical analysisCan be used as an ELPI®+. Size classified particles collected for possible chemical analysisCan be used as an ELPI®+. Size classified particles collected for possible chemical analysisCombination of a sample conditioning system and a particle number sensor ePNC™Combination of two measurements; gravimetric filter holder and real-time measurement

* Can be increased up to 600 °C when combined with Dekati® Sample Conditioning Instruments
** PN measurement in conform with RDE requirements within 23-200nm range