The Dekati® DePS™ (Dekati® electrical Particle Sensor) is a miniature sensor for real-time particulate matter measurements. The Dekati® DePS™ allows direct monitoring of particle LDSA concentration, and the measurement signal can be easily correlated to particle number or mass concentrations. The Dekati® DePS™ is available in two versions. The DePS™-Go stand-alone version is a versatile measurement device that can be controlled and monitored either via a touch-screen display or via external I/O data communication. The measurement data can be saved to a SD-card or transmitted via an USB port. Power is provided via a built-in
battery or via the USB-power socket. As such, the Dekati® DePS™-GO is perfectly suitable as a portable or as a stand-alone measurement tool. The DePS™-OEM version consists of the particle detection and electronic control units and can be configured with a wide variety of options for optimal integration into customer-specific devices or systems.

The Dekati® DePS™ uses the same particle measurement technology as the patented Dekati® eFilter™. The aerosol sample is fed into a removable detector module, where the aerosol first passes through a miniature diffusion charger. After removing excess ions in the ion trap, the aerosol enters a Faraday cage where a sensitive electrometer detects the charge level of the particles at 1 Hz sampling frequency. This signal can be directly correlated with particle concentration and all units are calibrated to primary standards.


Features: DePS™-Go standalone version

  • Real-time particle mass, number and LDSA concentration measurement
  • Portable, standalone operation
  • Battery or AC powered with internal pump for the real-time measurement
  • Maintenance free instrument
  • Replaceable real-time detection module
  • USB communication and Micro-SD memory card
  • Compatible with all Dekati® Sample Conditioning Systems



Features: DePS™-OEM version

  • Real-time particle mass, number and LDSA concentration measurement
  • Maintenance free particle sensor
  • Replaceable real-time detection module
  • Intergrated touch screen display optional
  • Integrated battery optional
  • Variety of other integration options available

Particle sensor


  • Environmental air quality monitoring
  • Occupational health and safety measurements
  • Engine emission measurements
  • Industrial process measurement and monitoring