Dekati® FPS


The Dekati® Fine Particle Sampler (FPS-4000) is a two-stage dilution system that allows dilution factor adjustment between 1:20 and 1:200, and first stage dilution temperature settings between 0 and 350 °C.

The Dekati® FPS will not be available after December 2019. The FPS has been replaced by a more advanced dilution system, the Dekati® eDiluter™ Pro. The new eDiluter™ Pro has all the benefits of the FPS and more, and it can be used in all applications where FPS has been used.

See more details about the eDiluter™ Pro here.



  • Two stage dilution system with perforated tube and ejector diluters
  • Stainless steel probe construction with no moving parts
  • Dilution factor adjustable in discrete steps between 1:20 and 1:200
  • Adjustable dilution temperature for efficient removal of volatile matter
  • Controlled with a user friendly FPSVI software that includes real-time dilution factor calculation and data storage
  • Each unit individually calibrated by gas flow measurements that span all operating conditions
  • Low particle losses
    • Sophisticated handling of volatile vapours
    • Removal with heated dilution
  • Nucleation tendency studies with cooled dilution and a residence time chamber
  • Accessories available for direct engine exhaust (pre- and post DPF) and stationary source emission sampling
  • Analog output of the dilution factor available for easy integration into existing data logging systems
  • Possibility to control an external heater e.g. a heating sampling line



  • Engine exhaust dilution
  • Stationary source emission measurements