Classic ELPI®


ELPI® (Electrical Low Pressure Impactor) is an instrument to measure airborne particle size distribution and concentration in real-time. It operates in the size range of 7 nm – 10 µm, and be applied to various different types of measurements where the requirements for the instrument are wide particle size range and fast response time. Because of its rapid response, the ELPI® is an ideal measurement instrument for the analysis of unstable concentrations and size distributions, or the evolution of size distributions. Typical applications for the ELPI® include combustion aerosol and engine exhaust studies, pharmaceutical inhaler development, air quality measurements and general aerosol research.


A new model of the Classic ELPI®, the ELPI®+ has been released and the Classic ELPI® is no longer available. For spare parts and service for the Classic ELPI®, please contact Dekati Ltd. More information on the ELPI®+ is available here.

Classic ELPI® into ELPI®+ trade-in program is also now available. Please contact Dekati Ltd. for further information.


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