Dekati® High Pressure Diluter DEED-300


Dekati® High Pressure Diluter DEED-300 is a two-stage dilution device for taking aerosol sample from high sample pressure such as pre-DPF conditions. The DEED-300 is designed especially for these conditions and it always keeps a constant dilution factor regardless of the sample pressure inside the tailpipe. Total dilution factor in the DEED-300 unit is typically between 40 and 60 and it is individually calibrated for each unit for optimal results.





DEED-300 Features

  • Aerosol dilution from high sample pressure conditions
  • Stable dilution for pre-DPF conditions up to 600 °C
  • Always constant dilution factor regardless of sample pressure
  • Two-stage diluter with the widely used and well characterised Dekati® Diluter as the second dilution stage
  • Sample temperature and pressure at ambient levels at the outlet of the DEED-300 system
  • Can be combined with Dekati® Engine Exhaust Diluter (DEED) that fills EURO 6+ requirements for a VPR
  • Robust, stainless steel construction


Dekati® High Pressure Diluter DEED-300 is a dilution device for conditions where sample pressure is higher than ambient pressure level. The DEED-300 was originally developed for pre-DPF engine exhaust measurements where sample pressure and sample particle concentrations are typically high. In this application, the outler of the DEED-300 is typically connected to DEED-100 Volatile Particle Remover (VPR) where the particle sample is further conditioned and diluter.

The DEED-300 system can also be used in any other application where the sample pressure is high such as different industrial and combustion process measurements. The standard DEED-300 version is applicable to measurements where sample pressure is 30 - 1000 mbar above ambient pressure level but modified versions are also available for even higher sample pressure conditions.


Dilution factor
40 typical, individually calibrated
4000 or 40 000 with the DEED-100 unit
Diluted air
60 slpm at 4 bar abs
Particle free, non-condensing at -40 °C
Sample conditions
0–600 °C
30-1000 mbar above ventilation pressure standard
Higher sample pressure units also available as an option.
H105 x W552 x D155 mm
2.7 kg
12 mm pipe connection


Dekati® High Pressure Diluter DEED-300 is designed to be used in conditions where sample pressure is above ambient pressure level. The DEED-300 uses a small orifice to extract exhaust sample from the tailpipe. A small part of the sample is led to a mini-CVS axial diluter while the excess raw exhaust is led to a local ventilation channel. After the mini-CVS, the sample enters a Dekati® ejector Diluter DI-1000 where it is further diluted. The complete DEED-300 unit can be operated at room temperature or alternatively, dilution air for the DEED-300 unit can be heated to minimize sample transformations. In a typical setup, the DEED-300 outlet is connected to an additional dilution device or volatile particle remover (VPR) where the sample is further conditioned. This volatile particle remover can be e.g. the Dekati® Engine Exhaust Diluter DEED where the sample is conditioned according to EURO 6 legislation. If the DEED-300 unit is used together with the DEED system, the dilution air for the DEED-300 can be easily drawn from the DEED main unit.


DEED-300 Operating Principle



Dekati® High Pressure Diluter DEED-300








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