Dekati® Cyclone


The Dekati® Cyclone is an all stainless steel cyclone for removal of large particles from a sample stream.  Manufactured according to EPA standard 201A (EPA standard 201a.pdf), with standard isokinetic nozzles available as accessories, the Dekati® Cyclone is a highly durable addition to any sampling line where removal of large particles is needed. The cyclone can either be placed directly into the flue gas inside the stack or used in an out-stack configuration with a heating jacket around it. All accessories for a complete setup are available from Dekati Ltd.



Dekati® Cyclone features

  • Pre-separator cyclone with 10 µm cut point at 10 lpm.
  • Manufactured according to EPA 201A
  • Isokinetic nozzles available in 11 different sizes
  • All stainless steel construction allows use up to 600 °C
  • Accessories available for both in-stack and out-stack sampling
  • Provided with a calculation sheet used to easily calculate the cyclone cut-point in different operating conditions according to the EPA standard 201A.

The Dekati® Cyclone can be used in any application, where particles larger than 10µm need to be removed from the sample. The main application for cyclones is in stationary source emission measurements, where the concentration of large particles in the flue gas may be very high. These particles can be efficiently removed using the Dekati® Cyclone to protect the measurement instruments and to avoid contamination of the sample line.

The Dekati® Cyclone can be:

  • inserted into the flue gas flow inside the stack


  • the sample can be extracted from the stack with a stainless steel probe and the cyclone positioned outside the stack. If the cyclone is placed outside the stack, it can be heated with heater around to avoid condensation.

In both configurations, the sample is drawn from the stack using an isokinetic sampling probe. Different size isokinetic nozzles, heaters and sampling lines are also available from Dekati Ltd.

Nominal flow rate
10 lpm
Nominal cutpoint D50
10 µm
Operation temperature range
< 600 °C
R 3/8”
R 1/2”
1.4 kg
127 mm + outlet connector
Max diameter:
     With inlet nozzle
130 mm
     Without inlet nozzle
79 mm
Stainless steel
Gaskets Copper


The cyclone operates as a pre-cut device, which removes all particles larger than the cyclone cut-size. The cyclone operates by drawing a sample flow through the device. The sample enters a conical cyclone chamber tangentially, where it forms a vortex. The formed vortex causes particles with sufficient inertia to impact onto the chamber walls, from where they drop into the collection cup. The cyclone cut-size is affected by a number of parameters, e.g. sample flow rate, temperature, pressure and humidity. These effects can be easily taken into account by using the provided excel-sheet, which calculates the cut-size in all conditions according to EPA standard 201A.




Cyclone heating jacket to heat the Dekati® Cyclone up to 200 ºC.

230 V SH-2223

110 V SH-2211

Temperature controller for the Cyclone heater

230 V DR-1623

110 V DR-1611


Stainless steel sampling probe set for isokinetic sampling (SAC–100)

Probe diameters mm

3.45 - 3.81 - 4.16 - 4.57 - 5.0 - 5.46 - 5.92 - 6.71 - 7.62 - 8.69 - 9.9

Other accessories include e.g. connectors and sampling lines, please contact Dekati Ltd. for more information.

Dekati® Cyclone brochure


Available in customer pages section:

Cyclone Manual
Data processing spread sheet
Spare part catalogue


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