Dekati working status update

April 8, 2020

The spreading of the COVID-19 virus is currently affecting many lives around the world, and also we at Dekati are facing many changes in our daily routines. Our top priority is the well-being of our employees and we have taken necessary measures to keep everyone safe. The members of our Sales and Services team and other office workers are currently prioritizing working from home office to guarantee safe working environment for our production team who are manufacturing and testing new instruments at Dekati premises. Our Sales and Services team is available via phone or email, and happy to discuss with you and find the most suitable solution for your measurements.

We are also proud and humbled to notice that many of our customers have started to use our Cascade Impactors and ELPI®+ units in research related to the spreading of the corona virus. We have consequently made adjustments in our production to ensure availability of suitable instrumentation for these measurements with short delivery times. Currently, we are not seeing any major disturbances in deliveries and are hoping that the situation remains that way.

We hope to see many of you face to face soon but in the meantime, please see our contact details page for details on how to reach us here or use the contact form to request for contact.

Stay safe!


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