Stationary Source Emissions


Stationary Source Emission Measurement and Monitoring

Dekati has over 25 years of experience in providing PM measurement solutions for stack emission measurements. Today, our measurement solutions are used in wide range of applications from household small-scale combustion units to industrial power plants and beyond. Dekati has complete measurement solutions available for the whole PM emission spectrum from high concentrations typically associated with combustion of solid fuels to low emissions typically associated with combustion of liquid or gaseous fuels. In addition to regular power and/or heat generation units, Dekati® Solutions are widely used to measure industrial emissions from cement and steel industry stacks.

Our selection of measurement solutions for stationary source emission measurements include both real-time and gravimetric detection of particle concentration and particle size distribution. These solutions also work for stationary monitoring and stationary source emission monitoring. Our extensive line of sample conditioning devices enable not only environmental emission measurements but also measurements directly from the combustion zone and before heat exchangers and used flue gas cleaning devices. Dekati solutions cover complete measurements setups for both standardized and research purposes, and for any sample conditions.

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Factory emissions measurement

Dekati® Solutions for Emission Measurements

  • Emission monitoring and research solutions for factories, industrial plants and power plants such as
    • Coal power plants
    • Biomass energy production
    • Waste incinerators
    • Asphalt and cement plants
    • Steel manufacturing plants
  • Measurements from dry and wet stacks
  • Measurements directly from combustion zone
  • Flue gas cleaning device optimization for ESPs, baghouse filters, wet scrubbers and dry scrubbers
  • PM10 and PM2.5 mass measurements according to ISO23210

Dekati® Instruments for Emission Measurements

  • Complete setups available for a range of measurement needs and sources
  • Real-time particle number, mass, LDSA measurements
  • Real-time and gravimetric particle size distribution
  • Simultaneous measurement of PM10, PM2.5, PM1 and below all the way down to ultrafine particle sizes
  • Options for direct high-temperature measurement or measurement with a dilution system
  • Sample conditioning solutions up to 1200 °C