Non-Exhaust Vehicle Emissions


As exhaust emissions from engine tailpipe have been decreasing in recent years through development of engines and exhaust after-treatment systems, non-exhaust emissions have become a major contributor to total particle emissions from vehicles. Dekati provides complete measurement solutions for brake wear and blow-by gas emission measurements and we can cover the complete particle size using only one measurement method – 6 nm – 10 µm with one measurement method.

Dekati® Solutions

  • Single measurement principle both for advanced studies and routine testing
  • Real-time particle number, LDSA, mass for different sized particles
  • Real-time particle size distribution
  • Total gravimetric mass
  • Gravimetric particle size distribution
  • Chemical/elemental analysis for size classified particles
  • Aerodynamic diameter measurement
  • Field condition instruments provided with up to 5 year warranty


Brake Emission Measurement

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