Inhalation Aerosol Measurements

Dekati® Solutions for inhalation aerosol research include real-time particle net charge and bipolar charge measurement instruments. Dekati® BOLAR™ is the only commercially available instrument that can detect both positive and negative charge levels of different sized particles in real-time. This electrical charge carried by inhalation aerosols has been found to have effect on device performance and lung deposition of Dry Power Inhalers (DPI), Metered Dose Inhalers (MDI) and nebulizers. Measuring and optimizing particle charge carried by the particles can lead to improved device performance and more consistent dosage of active ingredients.

Net charge measurements with ELPI®+

The Dekati® ELPI® (Electrical Low Pressure Impactor, Dekati Ltd.) has been widely used to determine the net charge size distribution of inhalation aerosols. The ELPI®+ measures net charge of particles 6 nm – 10 µm in real-time at 10 Hz sampling rate allowing detection of short time scale particle samples such as actuations from a delivery device. The ELPI®+ additionally allows real-time measurement of particle size distribution and concentration in real-time.


Bipolar charge measurements with BOLAR™

Whereas the ELPI® method can determine the net charge of the particles, the Dekati® Bipolar Charge Analyzer (Dekati® BOLAR™) is the first commercially available instrument capable of measuring bipolar electrical charge size distribution of inhalation aerosols. The Dekati® BOLAR™ gives a new level of information for the development of inhalable medicines and delivery devices. The positive and negative charge levels carried by particles can vary significantly between different inhaler devices depending on the materials used in the device, the design of the device, carrier and drug particles used in the device and operating conditions. Until now, the measurement of size classified bipolar electrical charge levels has not been possible, which makes the Dekati® BOLAR™ a completely unique tool for inhaler device development. The Dekati® BOLAR™ can separate positively and negatively charged particles in different size fractions and detect each fraction individually. After the charge measurement, negatively and positively charged particles can be separately dissolved for analysis from the instrument collection detectors, giving the mass and composition of the particles in different particle size fractions.

Bipolar charge detectors