Engine Emissions

Solutions for engine emission measurement and sample conditioning

Aerosol dilution and sample conditioning is an essential part of any particle measurement system. Most aerosol particle measurement instruments cannot measure reliably when sample conditions differ from ambient nor when particle concentration is high. A well-designed dilution system not only to reduces the concentration of the particles but also brings the sample conditions to a level that is acceptable for a measurement instrument without affecting the sample.

With over 25 years of experience behind our products, Dekati® solutions work for all engine emission measurements, for all types of engines. We offer products that help with determination of particulate emissions from engines, including both particle detection and sample conditioning solutions. For tailpipe emission measurements, we have solutions for both CVS and tailpipe sampling, both upstream and downstream exhaust after-treatment devices and even on-board PEMS/RDE measurements. Our sample conditioning instruments can be connected to any particle measurement instrument and allow engine exhaust measurements from various conditions and engines.

  • Both dynamometer and on-board RDE conditions
  • CVS and tailpipe conditions
  • Diesel and gasoline engines
  • Marine engines
  • Aircraft engines


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Combine the best emission measurement solution for you

The Dekati® Dilution instruments are all designed with slightly different specifications and they can all be combined with different sample conditioning accessories to build a complete sample conditioning system.

Engine Emission Measurement Solutions

Exhaust Sample Conditioning



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