Standard Filter Measurement with Real-Time Data

Dekati® eFilter™ is a novel instrument that adds real-time PM detection into a standard gravimetric filter holder. The Dekati® eFilter™ assembly is approximately the same size as a normal PM filter holder and it fits directly into existing vehicle exhaust PM filter sampling systems. In addition to the standard gravimetric filter measurement, the Dekati® eFilter™ gives a real-time signal throughout the filter sampling period which allows monitoring PM accumulation on the filter during different stages of the filter sampling. This real-time signal can be used e.g. to control and verify the quality of the gravimetric PM measurement, to detect high emitting particle sources and to verify stable particle concentration in the sample during filter sampling.


Dekati® eFilter™ Features:

  • Standard gravimetric filter measurement that meets US EPA requirements
  • Compatible with existing gravimetric PM measurement filter holders and sampling systems
  • Automated and sensitive real-time PM measurement
  • Battery operated with internal pump for real-time PM measurement
  • Fully automated operation; gravimetric filter flow starts the real-time measurement automatically
  • Plug-and-play and maintenance free instrument
  • Replaceable real-time detection module
  • Can be used inside a 47 °C cabinet
  • Touch screen user interface
  • Separate charging station with automatic flow calibration
  • Data saved to a micro-SD memory card















           Dekati® eFilter™ and DMM measurement during a NEDC cycle